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Pete and Adrian have always wanted to make movies and shows. So in 2013 they started positing movie concepts to their tumblr.

Now they’ve FINALLY got their big meetings with REAL film & TV industry people… the trouble is all their ideas are insane.

Each episode, tune in to hear them take their ludicrous pitches to the professionals… and find out if they get their big break.


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Big Meeting! was created by and stars ex-showbiz reporter and Daystrom Institute trainee Adrian Hieatt, and unpublishable writer Pete Gomori, the Slavoj Zizek of Final Fantasy VII fan theories.

Thanks to our wonderful guests and to Eloise Carr for 100% voiceover eccellente.


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Featured Episodes

Each week we get the chance to pitch our insane ideas to a REAL film or TV industry person. Such wow.

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Episode 8 - Good Moaning Bog Mooting (with Arthur Bostrom)

Legendary comedy actor Arthur Bostrom (who first found fame on classic BBC comedy Allo Allo) inexplicably agrees to meet Adrian and Pete at the top of the Radio City Tower in Liverpool. How will he react to recycled vampires, pole-vaulting time travellers and Jane Austen’s compote crisis?